Procurement of Materials and Services


Procurement of Materials and Services

EVN Macedonia AD undertakes procurement to cover its own needs, as well as to cover the needs of its associated entities pursuant to the valid legal regulations of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as pursuant to the internal documents setting forth the manner and the procedure for realizing procurement of goods, services and works. The procurement process takes place based on the principles of transparency, equality, non-discrimination, competition among bidders, proportionality, cost efficiency, efficiency with the ultimate objective of selecting the most favourable bidder meeting all technical requirements and specifications, and finally, offering the most favourable bid.

To meet the principles above, EVN Macedonia AD takes the following steps:

  • publishing public announcements for procedures for public procurement contract awarding pursuant to the Public Procurement Law on и;
  • publishing public announcements for procedures for introducing Qualification systems pursuant to the Public Procurement Law on и;
  • keeping a list of qualified bidders for introduced Qualification systems pursuant to the Public Procurement Law on;
  • publishing announcements for procedures for awarding procurement contracts on, pursuant to the public procurement procedures of EVN Macedonia AD;
  • collecting bids pursuant to procurement procedures of EVN Macedonia AD.

Sustainable and Fair Procurement

The high quality of the overall procurement chain, which serves a basis for all procurement procedures of all goods, services and works, is the high quality of everybody involved in the entire procurement chain. Alongside with our suppliers, we are constantly dedicated to developing innovative solutions to offer to our customers, by employing all required assets, in the best possible manner. Hence, we always strive towards emphasizing the principle of equal access, fair business practices and open dialogue.

Our leading principles are as follows:

  • profitability
  • free and fair competition
  • equal treatment of all competitors
  • confidentiality in business transactions
  • transparency and documenting results
  • protecting the environment
  • corporate social responsibility
  • observing human rights and occupational safety
  • supply chain sustainability


E-portal Announcements

EVN Macedonia AD, on its own behalf and on behalf of the related companies, performs most of its procurements that are not subject to the Law on Public Procurement through its own online portal.
If you want to become a potential supplier of EVN, you can register for free, creating a company profile, entering the portfolio of deliveries of goods, performance of works or services.
The procurement portal is web-based, i.e. no additional software is required for use by the bidders, for submission of bids.
Registered bidders:

  • can, independently at any time, update their own data, such as the complete portfolio of products and services, certificates, approvals, licenses, catalogs and similar documents of the bidder, making them available to EVN on the QAD online portal;
  • should regularly update the administrative data, as well as the data of the contact persons;
  • have the opportunity to be invited to participate in tenders/ collection of offers.

The published procurements can be found on our website on the following link:Останати-огласи.aspx, after which you can request documentation to be invited to participate in a specific procurement. Please read the detailed instructions for bidders for registration and participation/submission of bids.
For any additional information, feel free to contact the Procurement & Material Operations team at:
[email protected] or +389 2 3205 000.

Other announcements

EPPS Announcements

Public procurement procedures falling under the Public Procurement Law are available in the
Electronic system for Procurement or here.

Contact information

Any questions regarding procurement processes of EVN Macedonia AD or interested to learn how the EVN procurement e-portal QAD-SRM works?
We are pleased to assist you:
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