Compliance. It’s good energy.

Compliance Management System in EVN Macedonia

We attach great importance to integrity and the lawful behavior on the part of all employees. The establishment of a compliance management system is desired to ensure constant adherence to these standards. We provide continuous trainings to transfer the values and high ethical standards of the company to all employees. Each employee goes through a mandatory cycle of trainings with accent on corruption, data protection, discrimination and harassment and protection of competition.

Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy

The management and employees of EVN have a far-reaching responsibility and role model function. For this reason, the EVN Code of Conduct was developed, which defines and summarizes the principles and guidelines underlying responsible action for people of integrity.

Have a look at the code here and the Human Rights Policy at the following link.

Reporting violations to the Code of Conduct

With its whistleblower procedure, EVN offers the opportunity to report indications of compliance violations. This procedure is an important part of the compliance management system. The Compliance Officer is responsible for processing and verifying the information provided within the legal requirements. The information you provide and your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential.

Please note that this whistleblower system is intended for violations of the EVN Code of Conduct and other legal provisions. Applications for other matters are checked only if they significantly affect the overall interests of EVN.

The whistleblower procedure aims to ensure a complete, objective and efficient clarification of reported violations. Obviously false information will be rejected. In addition, perceived misconduct may also be reported by email, fax, letter, phone or directly to the Compliance Officer.

Providing your contact details allows us to ask additional questions and supports the appropriate processing of your application. However, your anonymous application will also be processed. The protection of whistleblowers and their confidentiality is guaranteed in every case.

In addition to reporting through the whistleblower procedure, there is also an option to use protected public reporting. Please note that such reports may lead to official investigations. We would like to encourage you to use EVN's whistleblower system so that we can respond appropriately to any violations.

You can report suspected violations of EVN's Code of Conduct here.

Contact information for the National Compliance Officer:

Ruzhica Panarin Pazdrijan
[email protected]
Lazar Lichenoski 11, 1000 Skopje