Investing in the Community

Due to the wide scope of operations and industry specifics, EVN is bound to be a responsible player in society and to pay special attention to topics that directly affect citizens and which are related to electricity consumption.

School Project

EVN has implemented a programme for education of children regarding the sources, the importance and the proper and safe use of electricity.

In the first stage, activities took place through organizing educational workshops throughout all schools in the country. Through interactive teaching methods and educational resources which remain in the schools, children got opportunities to learn about sources of various types of energy used in homes and how to use energy in safe and reasonable manner. At the end of the school year, children participated at regional and national competitions and quizzes, competing with the knowledge gained during the visits.

In the second stage, systematic changes of the concept were introduced. In all regions of the country, energy clubs were established, which were committed to coming up with measures to decrease electricity consumption in schools based on a special programme throughout the school year. At the end of the year, knowledge competitions were organized as well.

The school project, in the course of the ten years as its implementation, has included around 40,000 children from 352 schools, and 65 clubs have been formed in 42 municipalities.

“Matka” Exhibition Center

In the Exhibition Center "Matka", the only one of this type in the country, visitors can learn more about energy, its history, production, distribution by using modern interactive resources and methods. Educational contents are placed in the historical building of the old hydropower plant Matka, where visitors have a unique possibility to be present at a facility which is 80 years old and which can still be made perfectly operational. The center has been established as a crown of EVN efforts for education and has been a result of the growing needs for attracting young people to the so-called STEM area (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). So far, the Center has been visited by more than 20,000 visitors from the country and abroad.

More about the Center

Energy Efficiency Education

The Energy Efficiency Platform was implemented in cooperation with several stakeholders in the domain of energy in the country and was composed of a series of educational activities for the customers, with objective to increase energy efficiency application in their homes and businesses. As part of the Platform, the Company organized a series of activities, such as platforms, seminars, events and education on social media. The most important product of the Platform is the two educational shows - “Energetska azbuka (Energy Alphabet)” and "Energetska matematika (Energy Mathematics)", which presented topics related to electricity, its production and efficient use in simple and understandable manner.
A most recent individual multimedia education project is the campaign "Energy is worth it, it should be saved".