EVN Group

EVN AG is international energy and environmental services company, headquartered in Lower Austria, the largest state in the Republic of Austria.

Domestic Market

Using its last-generation infrastructure, EVN supplies the domestic market with electricity, gas, heating and drinking water and wastewater treatment services, waste incineration services and other related services. Moreover, the Company’s portfolio also includes cable TV and telecommunication networks services and it also offers various energy-related services to private and business clients and to local municipalities.

International Market

The international energy business includes retail sale of electricity in Bulgaria and North Macedonia and of gas in Croatia. In addition, the energy business includes production of electricity in North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Albania. Additional business activities performed by EVN also include production and retail sale of heat energy in Bulgaria, procurement of electricity, gas and other primary sources of energy, as well as wholesale of electricity and gas.


In 2003, as per the acquisition of the German group for environmental services, EVN has significantly expanded its business both in terms of the variety of products, as well as in terms of its geographic scope of activities. Thus, EVN has managed to build and integrate the second strategic pillar of its business operations, the segment of environmental services. Today, with experience gained through over 100 projects, EVN managed to accumulate an extensive expertise and know-how in planning and building water supply systems, wastewater treatment systems, desalination, thermal waste and sludge treatment plants.


EVN is currently active in 14 countries. Almost 5 million customers have proven their trust in safe and reliable energy and environmental services and products offered by EVN. In addition to the safe supply of direct customers, the plants built by EVN have provided drinking water supply, wastewater removal and use of thermal waste for clients in various European countries.