Customers and Suppliers

EVN is continuously engaged in advancing service quality for customers, since a large portion of our responsibly consists precisely of providing the highest-quality service quality for our customers. Suppliers represent part of the chain of creating value for customers and therefore special emphasis is placed on the quality of partnerships established.

Service Digitalization

The option for online payment of electricity bills has been provided by EVN since 2013. Ever since, online services are constantly upgraded and improved. Customers now have option of completing all processes related to payment operations online, but also a series of other important activities which can be done remotely. The EVN Online portal is a central service point for customers. In addition to online services, EVN has set in place a network of self-service payment terminals offering customers possibility to receive service without the need for standing in line at the desks.

Loyalty Reward Programmes

Throughout the years, EVN has been regularly rewarding customers’ trust and loyalty. A series of sweepstakes and loyalty programmes has been organized. In addition to rewards of certain value for regular payers, loyalty reward programmes also included donations for socially vulnerable categories of citizens. Watch the following shows: “Srekno semejstvo (Happy Family)”, “Na gosti kaj (Visiting…)” and “Srekno kolo (Lucky Round)" on YouTube.

Customer Service Week

Each year as of 2013, EVN has been traditionally celebrating the international Customer Service Week. The Customer Service Week is an international event celebrating service provision valuation and paying recognition to employees who are involved in day-to-day service provision and supporting customers. During the Customer Service Week, the Company organizes activities in all organizational units aimed towards strengthening customer orientation.

Responsibility in the Service Chain

During the pandemic, EVN has digitalized the procurement process to minimize the risk of infection. In addition, EVN is contently paid due diligence when hiring suppliers. Each supplier is obliged to sign a so-called "Corporate Social Responsibility Clause" to guarantee that it will operate pursuant to all legal, moral and ethical standards. The failure to observe these principles inevitably results in termination of cooperation agreements.