For more than 10 years, EVN has opened up its doors to highly engaged and perspective students wishing to upgrade their practical experience in the Company and to take the first step towards their future career. The internship programme is successfully taking place every year. The high number of participants and the large interest for the programme, as well as the fact that the majority of students are now part of EVN team serve to show the success of this programme.

Eligible candidates may come from several educational backgrounds and may select the area they would like to apply for internship. The selection of internship candidates takes place by phone, individually and by means of group interviewing. Following the selection process, interns are deployed in any of more than 40 organizational units.

The internship duration is one month during the summer in July, August and September, and it can also take place in other months of the year upon candidate's request.

Apply here [email protected], with an indication "for internship".