Future Generation

The programme called “EVN Future Generation" is one of the longest-lasting and the most successful projects aimed towards recruiting engineers at the beginning of their professional career. The fact that so far, more than 200 participants have been recruited as part of programme, and some of them have even become part of Company’s management structures, serves to witness the success of this project. The programme also envisages employment opportunities for students in their last year of study or recent graduates, with an option of permanent employment after the completion of the programme.

Specialization and Mentorship

Programme participants specialize in certain area depending on their educational profiles and rotate throughout several organizational units under the permanent supervision of mentors who are experienced professionals in their area of expertise.

Field Work and Professional Tasks

Participants are involved in regular day-to-day working processes by performing specific activities and tasks, as a fully-fledged member of the organization unit in which they have been deployed. In this manner, they get valuable opportunity of learning about the Company and its corporate culture, of taking part in several related processes and of gaining valuable experience and skills. After completing the programme, the best participants have the opportunity of being permanently employed at the Company.

If you believe you have the potential and aspirations for high professional achievements, please fill out the form below and apply at [email protected] or at [email protected].