EVN as an Employer

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Member of an International Group of Companies

The EVN family of companies is part of a world-renowned international company headquartered in Austria operating in the area of energy and services related to the environment, with long and extensive market experience. Being part of EVN means a possibility to exchange experiences and knowledge with coworkers from the entire Group and provides opportunities for staff mobility throughout the Group.

Modern Corporate Infrastructure

The Company owns a modern fleet, new administrative building meeting the highest standards and rehabilitated working premises in KEC facilities throughout the country.

The Company implements the highest standard for occupational health and safety.

Employees' health and safety remains to be the highest commitment of the Company, therefore, during the pandemic, the Company has set into place Covid Protocols and has adjusted working processes to ensure maximum safeguard of staff's health. Field employees use complete protective equipment and tools and go through mandatory technical training and training for safe work practices on powered systems. In 2017, the Company has introduced the "Health@EVN” programme designed for its employees which concentrates on the important aspects of personal health of employees. The programme offers a series of educational activities, on-the-job practical demonstrations, as well as events, such as "EVN Run", the traditional race with charity character.

Флексибилно работно време

EVN was the first company in the country to introduce flexible working hours, and right after the start of the pandemic, it has managed to adjust both its organization and infrastructure in short amount of time to enable its employees to work remotely, provided that their respective positions allowed for such arrangements. Flexible working hours allow employees to enjoy more freedom in terms how they organize their professional duties and it is an essential and functional concept of Company's corporate culture.

Workers’ Rights

All employees exercise all rights deriving from the Collective Bargaining Agreement in industry and energy business, as well as from the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the Company setting forth significantly higher levels of workers’ rights as compared to national standards.

Career Advancement and Progression

Each and every employee at the Company is a part of a flat organizational structure offering various opportunities for building professional career and career advancement both horizontally and vertically within the organization. All employees are provided access to expert training and options for professional and expert advancement.
The Company provides opportunities for career path development as both experts and heads of units, as well as opportunities for working on multidisciplinary and international projects.

Gender Equality

EVN is paying special focus to reducing the gap between men and women working in the area of electrical engineering and therefore, the Company has been implementing a comprehensive programme aimed towards encouraging women to get engaged in electrical engineering and finally, to bust gender stereotypes. In addition, the Company does not observe any gender aspects in recruiting staff for its positions.

Modern IT Systems

Working processes are automated using a series of IT tools providing employees opportunities to use state-of-the-art IT systems in their day-to-day operations. This allows our employees to be further competitive in their respective field of work and to upgrade their IT knowledge.

Corporate Volunteering Programme

EVN pays great deal of attention to encouraging volunteering among its employees through the programme called “EVN Volunteers” which started in 2017. So far, the Programme has realized more than 50 volunteering activities in all cities and settlements, engaging more than 500 employees. The projects include rehabilitation of schools, kindergartens and facilities for care of special categories of citizens, repairing damaged electrical installations, landscaping, cleaning and waste selection, organizing educational workshops for children, knowledge transfer activities, cooking etc. The uniqueness of the programme is supported by the fact that it introduces a systematic solution for volunteering in the Company, allowing benefit schemes for employees based on which they can benefit from paid leave in exchange for volunteering activities.