Dual Education

As a model, dual education is a solution for challenges arising from the lack of trained staff. The EVN dual education programme which also has an international recognition for success demonstrates that businesses should be involved in the educational process to merge real labor market needs and education. Special emphasis is placed on encouraging enrolment of female students into this programme, to mitigate the gap between women and men in the technical industry.

About the Programme

The Dual Educational Programme, which first started in SETU “Mihajlo Pupin” Skopje in 2017, was initially entitled "20-20-20" and the objective of the Programme was to recruit 20 high school students with electrical fitting and electrical engineering educational background in 2020 at EVN with starting salary of at least MKD 20,000. Following the initial success of the implementation in the class in the school in Skopje, this kind of class was also formed in OSTU "Gostivar" and now, this Programme is part of the regular educational process in these two schools. The first generation of students is already employed by the Company, dully completing their work assignments on day-to-day basis.

Hands-On Assignments and Scenarios

The school curriculum is adjusted to meet the real and actual needs in the electricity distribution business. After completing secondary vocational education, these students are actually readily employable and trained to meet actual challenges in the field.

Constant Mentorship throughout Schooling

The mentorship aspect is a strong component of the Programme; this aspect consists of experienced employees at EVN mentoring students and introducing them to real scenarios and challenges. The active involvement of students in hands-on activities, throughout all high school years allows students to master professional challenges once employed at the Company.

Curriculum Adjusted to Actual Needs

An expert team from EVN is actively involved in drafting the curriculum. Each year, the curriculums are updated and adjusted to meet the real needs in the field and the current technological development.

Educational Resources and Modern Teaching Methods

These two schools have their own dedicated classrooms equipped with wide variety of educational resources, and to meet the needs of the practical lessons, the Company has also built exercise ground in the school where practical lessons take place. Students also have access to complete occupational safety equipment. The Company has also provided tablets for these students and it also launched a digital learning platform called "Kanvas", providing access to dozens of digital learning resources.

This Programme actually demonstrates how business can be involved in the educational process to bring real labor market needs to education.

Interested into enrolling the Programme or have any inquiries related to it? Contact us at [email protected].

Photo and video gallery from the Programme