Frequently asked questions

All about Invoices

This month, I have not received my electricity bill, what do I need to do to get it?
Where can I pay my EVN Home electricity invoices?
What are EVN Home’s bank accounts for invoice payment?
The payment of the invoice I have made has still not been recorded, who should I contact?
My electricity bill has been paid twice by mistake, how can I ask for refund?
The consumption balance stated on the invoice does not match the actual reading on my electricity meter. Where can I report the issue and ask for a correction?
This month’s invoice I have received contains balance for public lighting only, while my household electricity consumption has not been recorded. What do I need to do?
How can I get my corrected invoice?
What is the deadline for electricity bill objection filling?
How do I change the delivery address of my electricity bill?
Is it possible for my electricity bill to be sent to an address which is different from the address of the metering point?
My electricity bill is higher this month, is there an option for installment plan payment?
How can I activate electronic invoice delivery?
How to change the email address I have registered for electronic electricity bill delivery?
To which transaction account can payments be made for debts/services for Elektrodistribucija?