Frequently asked questions

Prices and Tariffs

What are the prices of electricity supply applicable to EVN Home’s customers?
Is the daily low-tariff hours option still available?
How to change tariff from SOHO to Household / Household to SOHO?
What is the tariff system for the sale of electricity to consumers supplied by the Universal Supplier?
What are the reasons for changing the tariff system?
Who makes the decision to change the tariff system?
What are the main changes in the new tariff system?
Who determines the electricity prices for the supply of electricity through the Universal Supplier and the supplier of last resort?
When did the decision on the new tariff system come into force?
Which calculation elements (items) will the electricity invoice for a household contain?
How will the consumed electricity be calculated and invoiced?
How much is the VAT for consumed household electricity?
Will the utility fee continue to be paid in EVN Home invoices?
Will the overall consumption in the invoicing period be calculated by blocks according to the Decision of the ERC?
Will the total energy I consume be billed in the 4th block if I exceed 1050 kWh?
In the new invoices, will we additionally pay a fee for using the grid?
Does the off-peak tariff for households remain?
For which consumers are the block tariffs intended?
How is the size of the block determined?
I have a single-tariff meter, will I continue to pay average tariff under the changes to the tariff system?
Is my meter being read and how often?
Will I be able to report the status of the meter myself?
Will the electricity consumed in PT in the invoices for shared consumption (buildings/house councils) be divided into blocks as well?
I have several meters registered to one customer number. According to the new tariff system, will the calculation of the monthly consumption be as before, separately for each meter?
My meter has not been read for several months and I have received bills that I believe are unrealistically high. I have read the meters. Can I request a correction of the invoice?
Regarding the previous question, how will the consumption be distributed by blocks to correct the invoices according to the balances I reported, since the meter has not been read for several months?
I am a business/industrial consumer and am supplied by the universal supplier EVN Home. What changes will I have in the invoice under the new tariff system?
Will there be blocks in the peak tariff for small SOHO consumers, legal entities (that are not households)?
I am a business/industrial consumer and am supplied by the universal supplier EVN Home. Do I have the possibility to enter the liberalized market and be supplied by another electricity supplier?