Environmental Protection

Energy and protection of the environment are two interconnected segments which have immensely affected the quality of life and the environment. Introducing energy efficiency and the increased exploitation of renewable sources of energy both contribute to positive financial effects and to preserving the environment. Being led by our permanent commitment towards mitigating the effects of our operations on the environment, we always strive towards increasing our efficiency and ensuring constant improvements in the areas as follows: biodiversity protection, exploitation of water and energy, waste management, managing equipment containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), managing waste electric and energy equipment, protection of soils, water and groundwater, reducing gas emissions in the air. The dedication to preserving the environment as an ethical value implies responsible operations and taking all required steps and measures to protect the environment and to ensure sustainable development.

Protecting the environment is crucial for the sustainability of our business model.

With all our activities undertaken in continuity in these areas, we always strive towards being recognized as one of the leading companies in terms of sustainability and care for the environment.

Biodiversity Protection

As a socially responsible company, EVN is completely aware of the value of ecosystems and biological diversity and has a longstanding tradition in managing natural resources. We are continuously working on preserving and protecting biodiversity by achieving a series of achievements in this area. In addition to continuing the activities aimed towards protecting storks by placing specially designed platforms on distribution grid facilities, by continuously cooperating with NGOs and private companies, we also took part in projects for protection of other endangered bird species (eastern imperial eagle, Egyptian vulture, lesser kestrel, European roller etc.).

Activities of monitoring, identifying and placing insulators to protect birds against electrocution caused by potentially dangerous segments of the low- and medium-voltage grid decrease the potentials for mortality in birds. The protection of the eastern imperial eagle as an endangered species, which lately shows an alarmingly high mortality rates, is the main reason for supporting this initiative.

We are also implementing a project aimed towards protecting a very rare species of birds called European roller, by placing wooden bird houses on several middle- and low-voltage power lines.

These steps will help in eliminating the reasons for loss of biological diversity or any potential changes of nesting patterns and territories of birds.

Waste Management

As part of the integrated system and national strategy for waste management, we implement the objectives of the modern practices for waste management and environmental protection, as well as for applying legislative and regulatory power.

Decreasing the use, re-using and recycling waste materials are all key elements in proper waste handling and in managing effects on the environments. Awareness about one’s responsibilities, duties and tasks is the foundation for efficient waste management.

The process of electricity distribution does not generate any waste. Waste can be created in activities associated to maintenance, reconstruction or packaging. By implementing the best waste management practices, waste is first selected on the spot, then it is properly collected and stored at temporary locations.
Further on, waste is collected by outsourced licensed companies.

To decrease waste generation from packaging (plastic), EVN has installed water filters. The modern water treatment system featuring 7 filters can remove even the tiniest impurities from water. Employees use multiple use water bottles thus reducing the need for use of singe use PET water bottles.

Managing Equipment Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

To eliminate the potential for any Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) contamination, EVN Macedonia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Non-Degradable Organic Pollutants Office POPs, has realized projects for identifying, eliminating, removing and properly storing transformers, transformer oil barrels, switches containing PCBs, as well decontaminating equipment containing PCBs.
EVN is the first company in the country to completely implement the planned activities for realization of the entire process for managing equipment containing PCBs.

To avoid any uncontrolled and improper storage of dangerous waste containing PCBs, the Company has taken proper measures and has constructed a temporary storage facility to store transformers and transformer oil barrels containing PCBs pursuant to the requirements for temporary storage.

PCBs containing equipment treatment is performed in a decontamination plant, thus enabling proper ecological treatment of waste transformer oil and electrical equipment contaminated with PCBs.

Electrical and Electronic Waste Equipment Management

For our Company, awareness-raising regarding the electronic and electrical waste, the importance of the proper treatment of such waste and the benefits from recycling electronic and electric devices is of utmost importance. We organize various ecological actions, such as collecting waste electronic and electric equipment and water batteries and car batteries. Empoyees were able to dispose of their old electrical and electronic devices in a proper manner, without harming the environment. 

The Ministry of Economy and the Coordinating Body for Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies have awarded EVN AD Skopje an Acknowledgment for successfully implemented socially responsible practice for the project entitled “Let Us Protect the Environment from Dangerous Waste" in the category of treatment of environment by large companies.

Soil, Water and Groundwater Protection

We regularly monitor sources of emission in the environment to track the emissions and their impact on the environment.

Accredited laboratory is performing analysis of samples of water, soil and air. To preserve functions of soil and groundwater, we place secondary containers/tubs used to store equipment which leaks oil, petroleum and petroleum products. In case of leakage of small quantities of matters dangerous to the water, soil and groundwater, the surface is then treated using a universal absorbing and binding agent. Solid areas with deposits of oils and fats, petroleum, petroleum products or other liquids are treated with degreaser.

Air Emissions

When performing activities that could affect ambient air quality, EVN is taking all the necessary precautions to avoid and prevent any contamination of ambient air and harmful effects on human health and the environment overall. Due to the intensive and continuous investments, in facilities using mazut as energy and in boiler heating rooms, we have installed heating and cooling system operating on air-water-air principle. All system components operate on electricity and they do not emit any gasses.