EVN Volunteers carried out a big reforestation activity in Delchevo’s Branigrad  


EVN Macedonia donated a total of 6000 seedlings of the tree species "Black pine - Pinus Nigra" in order to reforest the burned areas of the Delchevo region. Additionally, within the program "EVN Volunteers", EVN employees conducted a volunteering action for reforestation of an area of 3 hectares on the burned site Branigrad near the village Star Istevnik. The group of 33 volunteers yesterday managed to plant all the seedlings from the total donation with the support of the Public Enterprise "National Forests".

The management of EVN Macedonia and Elektrodistribucija also participated in this volunteering action, and addressed the following together: “EVN in all its activities establishes the principles of social responsibility and strives to improve the quality of life. With this action, we contribute to the health of citizens and future generations in the long run." 

Over the last five years, through the project “EVN Volunteers”, employees have been able to raise awareness among individuals and companies that all people have special qualifications and abilities that they can use for the good of the community. 

The "EVN Volunteers" program officially begun in July 2017. So far, 600 employees have realized 53 actions in big and small groups. Volunteers dedicate their working hours to improving the living quality in various locations of the country. The program provides full support to employees in the implementation of activities, more precisely from imagining to full implementation of the idea.