New Year donations of EVN Macedonia


During the New Year holidays, EVN Macedonia traditionally donates food packages to the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC), the Islamic Religious Community (IRC) and the Catholic Church. In addition to religious communities, EVN in its regular philanthropic activities throughout the year includes various organizations that work with vulnerable categories of citizens.

Religious communities through the charities “Sveti Spas”, “Karitas” and “El Hilal” will ensure that food packages are distributed throughout the country. The priests from the humanitarian organization "Sveti Spas" will deliver food to citizens who are in poor health or live in remote rural areas in the parishes. Food packages donated to the Catholic Church and the Islamic Religious Community (IRC), through the charities “Karitas” and “El Hilal” will be distributed to families at risk. Due to the situation with the corona virus, festive dishes will not be prepared in the national kitchen "Sv. Apostoli Petar i Pavle” in Skopje, but that's why visitors will be given groceries during the New Year and Christmas.

The holidays are moments of love, joy and peace, and these donations aim to enrich the home table of those families who need such help the most. EVN Macedonia is a responsible company that over the years continuously invests in projects to improve the quality of life of citizens and joins various initiatives that address the challenges of families of vulnerable categories.